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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Follow in the footsteps of Laura Ingalls Wilder with our series of videos about the places she lived and the people she loved.

Hometown History

Learn about growing up in a small American town in the mid-20th century with Hometown History. Enjoy interviews featuring amazing stories, childhood memories, and heartfelt admiration for a special hometown.

Homeschool History

If you are using Notgrass History, you have access to our database of optional suggested resources that go along with specific lessons in our curriculum. You can subscribe to Homeschool History to get full access to our original video biographies and virtual field trips plus full-length historical dramas performed by homeschooled students. You can also customize your search for books, videos, historic sites, games, and websites.


The Tootsie-Wootsie Medley

I've Been Working on My Homeschool


You Are a Success


Be Happy Homeschooling

Meghana's Story (Teaching Students with Special Needs)

Treasure Your Child Just the Way He Is​

Winter Cheer for Homeschooling Mamas 


Teaching Elementary with Notgrass History

Our 50 States

Our Star-Spangled Story

Middle School

Teaching Middle School with Notgrass History

America the Beautiful

From Adam to Us

Uncle Sam and You

High School

Teaching High School with Notgrass History

Exploring America

Exploring Economics

Exploring Government

Exploring World Geography

Exploring World History