Treasure Your Child Just the Way He Is

Do you ever compare your children to other children? Your children need grace, too.

God created each one in His image. He knit them together. He knows every detail about them.

God didn't use cookie cutters, but He created each child to be unique.

Some children learn calculus with ease; others are good with their hands.

Some learn to read when they are four; others learn to read when they are eleven.

Some grow up to be skilled engineers; others become compassionate caregivers.

Trust God's wisdom in making each child the way He did.

One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you can tailor a child's learning so that it helps him become the person God intended. Teach him. Be patient with her. Wait when he needs you to wait; push when she needs you to push; but never try to press your child into someone else's mold.

If you aren't careful, you might begin homeschooling with God's goals in mind but get scared along the way. You might try to press your child into a mold that will never fit. Give your children grace. Accept the individuals God has created and put in your care.

Whether you are just thinking about homeschooling or have already started, we'd love to encourage you!

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