Exploring World History (2014)

We had a typo in the  Exploring World Geography Student Review Book  that may have brought you here.  Please go to this page if you are using Exploring World Geography.

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3rd Edition (2014)

The 2014 edition was completely revised and enhanced with the following features:

  • Hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations, including fine art from many countries
  • Two-column format to improve readability
  • Hands-on project ideas for each unit
  • New content in the last two units, including a lesson on The Making of the Modern Middle East
  • Full-page sections highlighting what was happening in the Americas, Africa, and Asia in units focused on Western Civilization
  • Literature choices and additions to In Their Words that broaden geographic coverage

The Student Review Pack, which replaces the former Quiz & Exam Pack, now includes Bible commentary, literary analysis, revised review questions, and two additional exams. The quizzes and exams are also provided separately from the rest of the review material.

Using the 2014 Edition with a previous edition would be difficult because of the extensive changes.

2nd Edition (2008)

The 2008 paperback edition was essentially the same as the first edition except for the binding. You can purchase a digital download of the Quiz and Exam Book and download the Guide for Parents at no charge.

2004/2008 Quiz and Exam Book

2004/2008 Guide for Parents

1st Edition (2004)

The first edition of Exploring World History was published in 2004 with a plastic coil binding.


These corrections apply to the 2014 edition. These may have been fixed in your printed copy of the curriculum.

Unit 2

Lesson 7, page 34 - The second photo on the left was incorrectly captioned "Tikal, Guatemala". The caption should read "Teotihuacan, Mexico". 

Unit 3

Lesson 13, page 62 - We incorrectly stated that the pyramid at Giza was originally covered with marble. It was actually covered with limestone.

Unit 4

Lesson 18 - We made extensive changes to this lesson in the new edition but failed to update the questions in the Student Review Book.

Download Updated Questions and Answers

Unit 5

Lesson 22 - We had a typo in the Answer Key for question #4. The correct answer for the estimated date of the Exodus is 1446 BC.

Unit 9

Lesson 41page 221 - In the list of names of Greek gods, the text has Neptune as the name of the sea god. Neptune was the Roman name for the sea god. Poseidon is the correct Greek name.

Unit 10

Second History Exam in the Quiz and Exam Book - The answer key gives Darius as the answer for question #2. The answer should be Cyrus.

Unit 13

Lessons 61-64 - Due to a print production error, some copies of Exploring World History Part 1 have four assignment pages that are out of order. The assignment pages in this unit are in this incorrect order: Lesson 62 (after Lesson 61), Lesson 63 (after Lesson 62), Lesson 64 (after Lesson 63), and Lesson 61 (after Lesson 64).

Lesson 62, page 353 - The text says that both Ignatius and Polycarp were put to death in Rome. Polycarp was actually killed in Smyrna.

Lesson 65 - We replaced this lesson in the new edition but failed to update the questions in the Student Review Book.

Download Updated Questions and Answers 

Unit 17

Unit 17 Quiz in the Quiz and Exam Book - Question #7 refers to King Alfred, but it should refer to Aldred the priest instead.

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