America the Beautiful (2011)

This page provides information and links related to the first edition (2011) of America the Beautiful. If you are using the second edition (2021), visit this page.

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Unit 12 - Lesson 59 / Family Activity

Here's the printable script for "Wild and Wonderful Niagara Falls":

Download PDF

Unit 14 - Lesson 70 / Family Activity

Here is a video demonstration of the movements in the Virginia Reel:

Watch Video

Here is a good recording of "Turkey in the Straw" to use for dancing:

Play Song

Unit 15 - Lesson 74 / Family Activity

Here are audio recordings of some of our favorite Fanny Crosby songs:

Listen to Songs

The Cyber Hymnal has lyrics and music for hymns by Fanny J. Crosby and many other composers:

Crosby Hymns

Unit 18 - Lesson 89 / Family Activity

Marine Band Audio Resources has downloads of recordings of works by John Philip Sousa and other composers:

Sousa Recordings

Unit 22 - Lesson 106 / Family Activity

Here's the recipe for Original Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Corrections (2011)

Unit 3 - Lesson 14

On page 79, we incorrectly state that Squanto was captured by the Spanish. He was captured by the English and taken to Spain.

Unit 4 - Lesson 20 / Student Workbook

The reference at the bottom of the page should be Isaiah 42:10 instead of Psalm 42:10.

Unit 10 - Lesson 47

The third full paragraph on page 265 should read: "Islands near Charleston, South Carolina. The Civil War (1861 to 1865) began at Fort Sumter, which sits on a small island in the Charleston harbor. Fort Moultrie on nearby Sullivan’s Island was also involved in the war."

Unit 11 - Test in Student Workbook

The answer shown in the answer key for question #3 should be "b. Lake Itasca" instead of "c. Gulf of Mexico".

Unit 15 - Lesson 73

This lesson originally talked about Promontory Point, Utah. Some reporters and railroad officials in 1869 wrote that the transcontinental railroad was completed at Promontory Point, Utah, but the location is actually called Promontory Summit. Promontory Point is several miles away.

Unit 26 - Lesson 129

Salt Lake City, the state capital of Utah, is to the southeast of the Great Salt Lake, not to the southwest (page 803).

Unit 28 - Lesson 138

The first paragraph states that Mount Saint Helens is in southeastern Washington. It should say southwestern Washington (page 868).

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