America the Beautiful (2021)

This page provides information and links related to the second edition (2021) of America the Beautiful. If you are using the first edition (2011), visit this page.

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We have recordings of the songs from We the People available for you to enjoy with your family.

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Unit 12 - Lesson 59 / Family Activity

Here's the printable script for "Wild and Wonderful Niagara Falls":

Download PDF

Unit 14 - Lesson 66 / Family Activity

Here is a video demonstration of the movements in the Virginia Reel:

Watch Video

Here is a good recording of "Turkey in the Straw" to use for dancing:

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Unit 15 - Lesson 74 / Family Activity

Here are audio recordings of some of our favorite Fanny Crosby songs:

Listen to Songs

The Cyber Hymnal has lyrics and music for hymns by Fanny J. Crosby and many other composers:

Crosby Hymns

Unit 17 - Lesson 83 / Family Activity

Marine Band Audio Resources has downloads of recordings of works by John Philip Sousa and other composers:

Sousa Recordings

Unit 21 - Lesson 101 / Family Activity

Here's the recipe for Original Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Corrections (2021)

Unit 2 - Lesson 6

Question #1 in the Lesson Review asks, "Who was the Viking who came to Vinland? Which Scandinavian country was his family from?" The text on page 45 of Part 1 explains that Scandinavia includes Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Norway is the answer we were looking for, but we failed to mention in the text that Erik the Red was originally from Norway. Based on the text as written, Iceland (which was settled by Vikings from Norway) is an acceptable answer for this question.

Unit 3 - Lesson 13

Some copies of America the Beautiful Part 1 are missing two sentences on page 101. The last paragraph should also include: "Typical Cape Cod homes had one door in the center of the front and two windows on either side. The roof was steep so that snow would not pile up and get too heavy."

Map 30

The description for Lesson 111 says that Jews proclaimed a Jewish state of Israel on May 14, 1949. The year should be 1948.

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