Walking In Faith


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    Walking In FaithThis consumable workbook by Mary Evelyn McCurdy has fun word puzzles and writing activities highlighting what it means to have faith in God and how God is faithful toward those who follow Him. The lessons look into the lives of men and women of faith in the Bible, with special focus on those mentioned in Hebrews 11.

    Walking In Faith is divided into 30 two-page lessons. Completing five lessons a week will allow you to finish the study in six weeks. Completing one lesson a week will spread the study out over a school year.

    Younger children may need assistance reading the lessons, writing the verses, and completing the puzzles. Older children will be able to complete the lessons on their own, but parents are encouraged to oversee the study so that the children can gain wisdom from their parents as they look into the Word together. Consumable workbook. 60 pages. Saddle-stitched. Ages 7-12.

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    Please note: If you have more than one child using this study, you may purchase an ebook version that allows you to print copies for your whole family.

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