Sign of Love DVD

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    A cast of forty-six homeschooled children and graduates present the true story of Thomas Gallaudet (1787-1851) and his work to establish the American School for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1817. Hymns, folk songs, original musical numbers, and choreography combine to bring this moving story to life for the entire family.

    Sign of Love opens in the year 1800 when Thomas is a young, sickly boy who likes to dream about the future and what might happen when he grows up. As Thomas becomes a man, he struggles to find his place in the world and wonders what the Lord wants him to do with his life. When Thomas is in his twenties, he meets Alice Cogswell, a little deaf girl who has been shut out from society. Thomas finds purpose and fulfillment in his life when he realizes the need for someone to open the minds of deaf children and adults in America, and he decides to let the Lord do that through him. Thomas' goal in educating the deaf is not only to teach them how to read and write and communicate; he wants them to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    Writer and Director: Mary Evelyn Notgrass
    Assistant Director: Charlene Notgrass
    Musical Director: Bethany Notgrass
    Pianist: Kay Pelham
    Camera: Tim Porter
    Video Editing: Nathaniel Bluedorn

    This play was performed by the Homeschool Dramatic Society and filmed at the Cookeville Drama Center in Cookeville, Tennessee, on September 15, 2006.

    All ages. DVD in standard case. 89 minutes.