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    This unit study features fifteen lessons that chronicle Jesus' birth and childhood, teach how the celebration of Jesus' birth began, and tell about Christmas traditions and legends from many lands. It also guides the student in creating "A Baby Book for Jesus" and a "Christmas Traditions Around the World" booklet, and in writing five essays about Jesus and about following Him. Students learn as they read and complete activities in the curriculum, so you will need to print one copy of the book per child. 132 black-and-white pages. Ages 7-12.

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    What Parents Are Saying

    Best Unit We've Ever Done

    "I used your Christmas unit study with two of my children. It was the best unit we've ever done and now we have the beautiful baby book to keep." (Jodi E., Montana)

    How She Learns the Best

    "My daughter has Down syndrome and it's hard to find a Bible study that she enjoys. The Baby Book for Jesus is perfect. It teaches accurate, concrete and visual which is how she learns the best. I can't wait for her to share it at church and with family!" (Jan O., California)

    Feels Like It Was Written Just For Us

    "The children are writing, coloring, cutting, gluing and decorating pages happily and sharing their work with each other. They can't wait to finish their books and show them to [family members]. We have Christmas music quietly playing in the background, our tree lights are turned on (even though it is 9 a.m.) and I am fighting back tears as we read together the story of Jesus, the long awaiting Savior's arrival. Thank you so much for this wonderful workbook (it feels like it was written just for us) to learn and share together at this most glorious time of year." (Missouri)