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Here are the topical field trip guides we have developed to help homeschooling families find great places to visit all around the United States. To download a file on a desktop or laptop computer:

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To find more field trips and other history-related resources, check out our Homeschool History web app.

Presidents and First Ladies 

In addition to sites and museums that honor multiple presidents, this guide has a section for each president and first family.

Remembering World War II

Historic sites and museums across the country preserve the memories and honor the efforts of Americans during WWII. This guide features 450 sites in all 50 states, with descriptions and illustrations of different aspects of U.S. involvement in the war.

World History and Cultures

This guide highlights over 500 locations across the United States where you can learn about world history and culture. It includes places where you can learn about the indigenous peoples of North America and their modern descendants and places where you can learn about ancient and modern civilizations across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America.

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With a Homeschool History subscription, you can view our suggested field trips on a map and find those closest to where you live or where you are traveling. You can also search for videos, games, books, and other resources related to hundreds of topics from American history and world history.

U.S. Presidents

World War II

World History and Culture