Uncle Sam and You (2012)

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Unit 1 - Lesson 2

On page 10, the text says that Vermont was the first state that did not touch the Atlantic Ocean. This is incorrect. Pennsylvania does not actually touch the Atlantic Ocean, but it has access to the Atlantic via the Delaware River and Delaware Bay.

Unit 14 - Lesson 68

The Student Workbook page for Lesson 68 is on The Office of Vice President. Question 6 asks "Whose was the first bust in the Vice Presidential Bust Collection?" When we made some updates after the 2016 election, we removed the answer to that question from page 360 in Part 1 so that we could add photos of Vice President Mike Pence. We failed to change the question in the Student Workbook.

Unit 15 - Lesson 71

Boys ages 9-12 can participate in Little League, but only those who are 11 and 12 (or turn 13 during the summer) can play in the Little League World Series (page 368).

Unit 18 - Lesson 88

The Bible verse for the Thinking Biblically assignment should match the verse at the end of the lesson--Proverbs 15:19 (page 583).

Unit 23 - Lesson 112

The letter for the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank should be shown with its number 10. The letter is "J" (page 709).

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