Words and Music by John Notgrass
Copyright © 2005 John Notgrass

When the dawning of my lifetime was in springtime
And green meadows boasted blooms of innocence,
My imagination blossomed and my thoughts began to grow,
And time seemed of such little consequence.

When the springtime of my lifetime turned to summer
And the bright sun shone upon my hopeful schemes,
I had all the answers and the day was mine to seize.
I lovingly embellished all my dreams.

When the summer of my lifetime turns to autumn
And the green leaves of my youth fall to the ground,
I trust I will be grateful even more than I am now
For all the blessed happiness I’ve found.

When the autumn of my lifetime turns to winter
And I rock beside the glowing coals of age,
Memories of yesterday will occupy my mind
As I begin to write my final page.

When the winter of my lifetime fades to glory
And invisible perspectives fill my view,
I will see more clearly what I only know in part,
When the seasons of my lifetime are all through.
And I am with the God who makes things new.