Will Notgrass be at my homeschool convention or curriculum fair?

Homeschool conventions are a great way to recharge as a parent and to identify new resources to help you reach your goals. We greatly appreciate the staff and volunteers who plan and host these events!

Map of Upcoming Events

Blue dots show locations where Notgrass History plans to have our own exhibit. Purple dots show locations where Notgrass History distributors are scheduled to be. If you visit another company's booth to look at Notgrass History and want to make a purchase, please support that business by purchasing at the event!

Tap on a location and select "Expand record" to see the details about that event, including the vendor to look for at the convention.

List of Events by Date

Other Options

If you cannot find Notgrass curriculum at your local conference, please check our list of stores that carry our materials. You can always order directly from our website, too. We offer a full money-back guarantee on all of our products.

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If you are part of a homeschool group, either in-person or online, let's discuss a virtual event with someone from Notgrass History. Tell us about your group to get started.

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More Homeschool Events

Find more homeschool events at this list provided by the Homeschool Trade Association.

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