Why don't the high school Student Review books have space to write the answers?

Our middle school Lesson Review books have space for the student to write his or her answers in the book. Our high school Student Review books do not. We decided not to provide space in the high school books to write answers for three main reasons.

First, since the high school books have many more questions and more advanced questions, the review book would have to be much bigger, thus making it more expensive.

Second, making the Student Review book nonconsumable means that you can reuse it for multiple children and even resell it when you are done.

Third, we want to help high school students develop more independence and take more responsibility. Writing out answers to the review on a separate sheet of paper is good practice for your student, especially if he or she plans to go on to college.

If you want your student to have the question and answer on the same page, your student can write or type the question and the answer.