Does the order of the high school courses matter?

Exploring World History, Exploring America, and Exploring World Geography are each one-year courses. Exploring Government and Exploring Economics are each half-year courses. Taken together these four years of study give an excellent survey of the social studies  topics required by most states and preferred or required by many colleges.

Each curriculum approaches its subject from a clearly Christian point of view. Each curriculum includes a volume of original sources that enhances the study of that subject. Each curriculum offers a Student Review Book that has review questions on the lessons and literary analysis of and questions on the literature; a Quiz and Exam Book; and a Guide for Parents and Answer Key.

Each course stands on its own. Your student does not have to study one course in order to understand another. If you are switching to Notgrass History after using another curriculum, you can start with any of our courses. If you are starting with our curriculum in 9th grade, here is our suggested sequence:

Exploring World History

Exploring America

Exploring World Geography

Exploring Government

Exploring Economics