Does Notgrass History align with state educational standards?

We at Notgrass History believe strongly in homeschooling freedom. Our primary goal is to honor God, and we seek to provide curriculum that helps parents teach the heart, soul, and mind of their children.

We have occasionally consulted state educational standards to get an idea of what is typically covered in a particular subject. We have also looked into what a student is expected to know for CLEP or AP tests. However, in no way have we felt the need to adapt our curriculum to the standards of public education, whether that is Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or other proposals.

We have occasionally been encouraged to produce versions of our curriculum which did not include the strong Bible emphasis we have so that we could market them to public schools. We have not done this, and we are not going to do this.

We believe that parents who use Notgrass curriculum will meet and exceed the essential elements of government education standards while focusing on even more important things, such as building faith and character. We are grateful for the freedom that allows families to do this. We will continue to help and encourage parents to train their children as the Lord leads them.