Course Descriptions for Exploring America

Here are course titles and descriptions that you can use for assigning credit and preparing a transcript for your high school student. If your student completes the assignments as given in the curriculum, she can earn one full year of credit each in American History, English, and Bible.

Course: American History

Text Used: Exploring America by Ray Notgrass

Description: This course surveys American history from the time of the Native Americans and first European explorers to the 21st Century. It discusses actions and developments on the national level, especially involving the federal government, as well as issues and events in American culture. A special emphasis is placed on the role of slavery and subsequent racial issues in American history. The student reads a significant number of original documents and speeches while studying the narrative lessons.

Course: English (American Literature and Composition)

Text Used: Exploring America by Ray Notgrass

Description: The literature read includes novels, short stories, essays, autobiographies, memoirs, poetry, and hymns. Emphasis is placed on how the literature reflects the historical settings in which the works are set. The student completes a series of writing assignments based on historical issues from various periods and a research paper.

Course: Bible: Issues in American Christianity

Text Used: Exploring America by Ray Notgrass

Description: The student will examine developments in American religious history, from the role of religion in the founding of the colonies to contemporary moral and spiritual issues such as abortion and evolution. The student will study American religious movements such as the First and Second Great Awakenings, Fundamentalism, and groups founded in America. The student will also study how religion and spirituality have played a role in the unfolding of American history. Bible studies bring Biblical teachings to bear on the historical issues discussed.


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