Can I use your middle school courses for high school credit?

When you are deciding how to assign high school credits, you have two main questions to answer.

1) Does it meet my state homeschool requirements?

Since the requirements vary from state to state, you will need to do your own research to answer this question.

2) Does it prepare my child for what he wants to do after high school?

You need to think ahead with your child about what he or she wants to do. We do not believe that going to college is essential; it is good and helpful for some students and not worthwhile for others. Apprenticeship, mission work, or some other option may be right for your child.

However, if your child plans to go to college, you need to look at the admission requirements for the particular schools he or she is interested in. One school might be fine with accepting America the Beautiful, From Adam to Us, or Uncle Sam and You as a high school level credit, while another school might not since they are not intended to be high school courses.

Homeschooling is great because it gives parents the flexibility to do what they want and enjoy studying as a family. As far as we are concerned, an older child could learn a lot by using one of our middle school courses. You have to decide how much detail your child needs to get where he wants to go.