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Looking for high-quality and fun history education for your children? You've come to the right place! Homeschooling your children is surprisingly easy with Notgrass History.

We have written Christian homeschool history curriculum for students in first grade through high school. Our materials help parents train their children to honor God with their hearts, souls, and minds.

Notgrass History helps children learn through engaging lessons, beautiful photos and illustrations, primary source documents, inspiring literature, and creative activities. Our curriculum works for your family, whether you are teaching one child or multiple ages together.

Where History Learners Become History Makers

Parents love how Notgrass History helps their families learn about the past in our American history and world history curriculum. Our geography, civics, government, and economics courses help students understand the present. The knowledge and tools students gain prepare them to become positive influences in their future homes, churches, workplaces, and communities.

Learn more about our Christian homeschool history curriculum below!

Boy holding elementary history book.

Elementary Curriculum

Our elementary curriculum is designed for children in first grade through fourth grade. We have courses in American history and in U.S. geography and civics. Your child will be enthralled with our fun and interactive lessons!

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Boy and girl holding middle school history book.

Middle School Curriculum

For students in fifth grade through eighth grade, you can choose from courses in American history, world history, or civics and government. Combined with Bible study, literature, creative writing, and hands-on activities, your child will never be bored!

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Student reading high school curriculum book.

High School Curriculum

Deepen your highschoolers' understanding with our one-year courses on world history, American history, and world geography, and our one-semester courses on government and economics--all from a Biblical worldview.

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How Our Christian Homeschool History Curriculum Works

With the convenience of a textbook and the richness of a unit study, Notgrass History provides a memorable learning experience for all learning styles. Regardless of your approach to homeschooling—classical, Charlotte Mason, eclectic, or something else—Notgrass History helps you reach your educational goals.

You don't have to be a history expert to succeed with Notgrass History. Our curriculum provides easy-to-follow instructions to help you give your students a high-quality education. Parents tell us they love learning alongside their children!

Notgrass History helps students love history by combining:

  • A Christian worldview that upholds the Bible as God's Word and honors Jesus as Savior of the world
  • Narrative lessons that are easy to read and understand
  • Hands-on activities and projects for a variety of learning styles
  • Primary source documents—real letters, songs, and stories from people who lived in the past
  • Historical novels and biographies that add richness and depth to the lessons

We help parents be confident teaching students from early elementary through high school. Our courses build on each other as a child grows. However, you can easily switch to Notgrass History after using any other curriculum because each of our courses is designed to be complete and to stand on its own. You can use the courses for each age group in any order you choose.

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What Moms Love About Notgrass History

Notgrass History makes your homeschool day simple. It requires little planning or preparation. All of the instructions for each day and week are included in the curriculum, so you don't need a separate teacher's guide.

Notgrass History is flexible and adaptable. Each course includes age-appropriate Bible study, language arts assignments, and hands-on project ideas. You can pick and choose the ones that work best for your family.

Notgrass History is easy to use. Our middle school and high school courses are written so that older students can follow the directions on their own. You can be involved as much or as little as you wish.

Notgrass History is fun! When your children love history, it makes your job as teacher so much easier.

See What Parents and Students Are Saying

Parent Feedback
"Our family has greatly enjoyed using America the Beautiful--a thorough, enjoyable, child-friendly curriculum. We have heard our children telling their peers, 'This is my favorite subject because the curriculum is fun and interesting!'" (Dawn R., New York)

Student Feedback
"I can say with certainty that this has been the first time I have ever enjoyed learning about history. I now look forward to learning about the past. [Exploring America] helped me to have the best freshman year possible. Not only did my knowledge increase, but so did my faith." (Emma G., Indiana)

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Is Notgrass History Right for Your Family?

Choosing a homeschool history curriculum can be hard. Notgrass History makes it easy.

For over twenty years, thousands of homeschooling families have found success with Notgrass History.

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