Exploring Government (2016)

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3rd Edition (2016)

For the 2016 edition, Ray Notgrass made a major revision and update to the text, which was printed in full-color with a hardback binding. The curriculum has a completely new layout with hundreds of color photos and illustrations, a new optional English/literature half-year credit, hands-on project and writing ideas for every unit, and a completely revised Student Review Pack designed for ease of use.

2nd Edition (2008)

The 2008 paperback edition had a completely redesigned page layout with many new illustrations. Author Ray Notgrass made some changes to the text, but the lesson content was essentially the same as the original edition. The Quiz and Exam Pack for this edition is available for purchase as a digital download.

2008 Quiz and Exam Pack

1st Edition (2006)

The first edition of Exploring Government was published in 2006 with a plastic coil binding.

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Purdue Online Writing Lab

Institute for Excellence in Writing

National Assessment of Educational Progress Writing Assessment

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